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About Sinocure Geosynthetics Co., Ltd.

Sinocure Geosynyhetics Co.,Ltd initiated in 2019 is one of leading companies specialized in producing geosynthetics in China. Certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 , our company produce a series of environment-friendly geosynthetics including geomembrane, geotextile, geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), composite geomembrane/geotextile, drainage geocomposite, geonet, geogrid, geofiltration fabric, etc. based on strict international and domestic standards.

Sinocure Geosynyhetics produces products that have been exported to more than 36 countries and regions. Including the United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Peru, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam, Colombia and so on.

1、Save money and reduce cost. We can recommend the use of the most suitable products and the most accurate quantity according to the specific conditions of the project, so as to save the expenditure of material costs.

2、Provide the most detailed construction program. If you don’t know the construction program of the product, we will have the most detailed construction program sent to you, which can guide you throughout the construction.

3、We can mail samples of various specifications for you to choose.

4、After the goods are sent out, we have a professional team to track the whole process and send you the logistics details at any time.

5, you have any questions, we will 24 hours online for you to answer.

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