Geosynthetics is a new type of construction material, which has been widely used in various fields of highway and railroad construction and other projects. Especially in the construction of China’s highways, people use geosynthetics to deal with weak foundations, drainage, roadbed slope protection, reinforced retaining walls and other aspects, have achieved very good results. Practice has proved that geosynthetics is a practical and cost-effective high-quality construction materials, has a broad application prospects.

Application of geosynthetics in highway

1、Application in embankment reinforcement

(1) Geosynthetics are used in embankment reinforcement, and their main role is to improve the stability of the embankment. Geosynthetics on the settlement of the embankment, especially uneven settlement has a certain reduction or regulation.

(2) Geosynthetics reinforced embankment has certain requirements on the bearing capacity of the foundation. On the one hand, it is to ensure the stability of the embankment, on the other hand, the bearing capacity of the foundation affects the height of the reinforced embankment, and on the other hand, it is to control the settlement of the embankment.

2、Application in the reinforcement of the fill of the back of the platform roadbed

As we know, in the process of highway construction, we often encounter the

The need to build bridges, culverts, passages and other structures crossing the highway. However, in the construction process of such buildings, in the construction of the back of the platform of the roadbed filling construction, sometimes because of the stiffness of the difference is too large, and caused by the filling process of the stepped uneven settlement, and then the so-called “bridge jumping” phenomenon. This is not conducive to traffic safety, and greatly jeopardizes the safety of people’s lives.

The safety of people’s lives. However, if we use the geosynthetics in the construction process, we can use its own performance, the structure and backfill soil into a whole, so as to effectively reduce the uneven settlement between the two, improve the quality of highway construction.

3、Application in filtration and drainage

Geosynthetics are used in filtration and drainage mostly to enhance and improve the filtration and drainage capacity of filtration structure and drainage structure. Therefore, in the construction process of highway, we can use geosynthetics as filtration body and drainage body widely used in the dark ditch, soakaway, so as to effectively improve the filtration and drainage in the process of highway construction, and to enhance the solidity of the highway.

4、Application in roadbed protection

Roadbed protection mainly includes slope protection and scour protection. Slope protection is used to protect the soil or rock slopes that are easily damaged by natural factors; scour protection is used to protect the scouring and washing of the roadbed by water flow.

  • Slope protection. In the process of soil slope protection, we can utilize the tensile mesh turf, fixed grass seed cloth or grid fixed seeding. For rocky slope protection we can utilize geonet or geogrid. For the protection of roadbed along the river we can use geotextile soft body sinking row, geotechnical mold bag for the protection of scour.
  • Scour protection. Scour protection is to ensure that the roadbed solid and stable important measures, scour protection has two types: one is direct protection, to strengthen the slope bank as the main measures; the other is indirect protection, to change the direction of the water flow, reduce the speed of flow, reduce scouring as the main measures.

5, application in pavement crack prevention and control

(1) The application of geosynthetics in road pavement engineering can effectively reduce the number of reflection cracks in highway pavement, reduce the rutting of asphalt pavement, but also delay the fatigue of the high (bottom) grass-roots level, thus effectively increasing the service life of the pavement.

(2) Geosynthetics placed in the upper part of the asphalt pavement surface layer can reduce temperature cracks, placed in the lower part can prevent reflection cracks, at the bottom of the (sub)base layer can increase the fatigue life of semi-rigid materials.

(3) asphalt pavement new road construction found that the grass-roots level has cracks, in order to reduce the impact of reflective cracks, you can use geosynthetics to deal with, for the old road reinforcement, in order to reduce the old road reflective cracks, the same can be used geosynthetics to deal with.