Sanitary landfill for domestic waste means a waste disposal site used for the treatment and disposal of municipal domestic waste with an artificial impermeable membrane to prevent the leakage of waste leachate, with leachate treatment or pre-treatment facilities and equipment, operation, management and maintenance, and eventual closure of the site to meet the health requirements.

River training (river training; river improvement; river regulation) Also called “riverbed preparation”. Engineering measures to control and remodel the river. In the natural river often occurs in the scouring and siltation phenomenon, prone to water damage, hindering the development of water conservancy. In order to adapt to the requirements of eliminating problems and promoting profits, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to regulate the river channel, including the control of guidance, dredging and bank protection and other engineering works.


For flood prevention, navigation, water supply, drainage and the rational use of riverbanks, according to the law of river evolution, the advantage of the situation, adjusting, stabilizing the mainstream position of the river to improve the water flow, sediment movement and siltation parts of the riverbed engineering measures. River training is divided into two categories: ① mountain river training. Mainly channelized waterways, reefs, barriers, improve flow patterns and local dredging. ② plains river improvement (including estuaries). The main control and adjustment of the river, cut the bend to take the straight, channel widening and dredging, etc..


Principles of river management: ① upstream and downstream, left and right banks in an integrated manner; ② according to the evolution of the river situation in accordance with the law of the situation, and to grasp the evolution of the process of favorable timing; ③ troughs, shoals to be integrated management; ④ according to the needs and possibilities, divided into priority, planned and focused on the layout of the project; ⑤ for the project structure and construction materials, to be adapted to the local conditions, locally sourced materials, in order to save investment.