Sanitary landfill for domestic waste means a waste disposal site used for the treatment and disposal of municipal domestic waste with an artificial impermeable membrane to prevent the leakage of waste leachate, with leachate treatment or pre-treatment facilities and equipment, operation, management and maintenance, and eventual closure of the site to meet the health requirements.

Sewage treatment is a process of purifying sewage to meet the water quality requirements for draining a certain water body or for re-use. Sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemicals, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical care, food and beverage and other fields, but also more and more into the daily life of ordinary people. Sewage treatment project refers to the use of various methods to separate out the pollutants contained in sewage or convert them into harmless substances, so that the sewage is purified engineering projects.

Processes for treating domestic wastewater include anaerobic filters, jet aeration, contact oxidation, oxidation ponds, submerged artificial wetlands and other processes.

From the late nineties, China’s TISCO, Baosteel and Baoxin, Zhang Pu and other state-owned and joint venture enterprises through the introduction and technological transformation, has built a series of sewage treatment production lines, sewage treatment technology and equipment to reach the international advanced level, sewage treatment production has taken shape. Sewage treatment varieties of structure has also undergone positive changes, sewage treatment product quality has improved rapidly. In particular, the domestic sewage treatment of cold rolled plate growth, in 2003, the domestic cold rolled plate production reached 1.7 million tons, for the first time more than the amount of imports, the self-sufficiency rate of 66%; in 2004, the domestic production of cold rolled plate reached 2 million tons, the self-sufficiency rate of more than 70%. From the end of 2004 to the end of 2005, the domestic cold-rolled sewage treatment capacity will increase about 1.5 million tons, basically meet the domestic market demand. By 2007, China will become a net exporter of sewage treatment.

From a general point of view, China’s sewage treatment is experiencing from a small scale, low level, a single variety, seriously unable to meet the demand for a considerable scale and level, the variety and quality of significant improvement and initially meet the requirements of the national economic development of the profound transformation of the demand for sewage treatment will gradually realize self-sufficiency.