China is a big mining country, and in the process of developing various mining resources, a lot of tailings are generated. These tailings are of many types and in huge quantities, and if they are not effectively applied, they will cause serious environmental pollution and occupy a large amount of land resources. As a kind of general industrial solid waste, different types of tailings are different in nature and have obvious differences in environmental characteristics. In the process of increasing environmental protection requirements for tailings, enterprises with the conditions should gradually utilize tailings for the construction of tailing ponds, and strengthen the application of anti-seepage technology and anti-seepage geomaterials to enhance the anti-seepage capacity of tailing ponds and reduce the threat of tailing ponds leaking.

Leakage is the main threat to the existence of tailing ponds, according to the different reasons for seepage, in the tailing pond seepage control treatment needs to be targeted, need to fully analyze and master the tailing pond seepage waterproofing on the basis of seepage control technology selection. In general, the tailing pond leakage treatment, the most commonly used way is the horizontal seepage control technology and vertical seepage control technology, of course, in some tailing ponds will also be used in the combination of the two seepage control technology. Tailings storage in different address conditions, will be combined with regional characteristics to carry out the choice of seepage control technology, in some tailings storage, can be used to intercept the seepage dam, concrete seepage control wall, underground curtain grouting and laying of HDPE membrane, GCL sodium bentonite to improve the seepage control effect, reduce the probability of occurrence of leakage of the tailings storage, and to improve environmental protection.

In addition, in the mining construction, the application of geogrid is also very wide, mining geogrid is mainly used for coal mine back to the face of the false top support project, mining grid can also be used as other mine roadway project, slope protection project, underground civil engineering and transportation road project soil and rock anchoring, strengthening materials, mining grid is one of the best alternative to plastic textile mesh products.