Geocell engineering applications

1、Treatment of half-filled and half-excavated roadbed

In the ground natural slope steeper than 1:5 slope construction embankment, embankment base should be dug steps, step width shall not be less than 1M, phased construction or reconstruction of highway widening, new and old roadbed fill slope interface, should be excavated steps, high-grade highway step width is generally 2M, in the horizontal plane of each step paved with geocell, the use of geocells own elevation of the lateral limit of the reinforcing effect, a better solution to the uneven subsidence problems, the use of geocells to solve the problem. Uneven subsidence problems.

2、Roadbed in wind and sand area

Roadbed in windy and sandy area should be mainly low embankment, and the filling height is generally not less than 0.3M. Due to the low roadbed and heavy bearing professional requirements for roadbed construction in windy and sandy area, geocell can play a side-limiting effect on the loose filler to ensure the roadbed has high stiffness and strength within the limited height to withstand the loading stress of large vehicles.

3、Stage back reinforcement of roadbed fill

The use of geocells can better realize the purpose of reinforcement of the back of the platform, geocells and filler can produce enough friction, effectively reduce the uneven settlement between the roadbed and structures, and ultimately to effectively alleviate the “abutment jumping” disease on the bridge deck of the early impact of the damage.

4, perennial frozen soil area roadbed

In the permafrost region to build filling roadbed, should reach the minimum filling height, in order to prevent the occurrence of slurry or cause the upper limit of the frozen layer down, resulting in excessive settlement of the embankment. Geocell’s unique facade reinforcing effect and effective implementation of the overall lateral limitation can be maximized to ensure that in some special sections of the minimum fill height, and make the fill soil with high quality strength and stiffness.

5、Wet subsidence of loess roadbed treatment

For highways and primary roads through the wet subsidence of loess and compression of the loess section, or high embankment foundation allowable bearing capacity is lower than the vehicle load and embankment weight pressure, but also according to the requirements of the bearing capacity of the roadbed treatment, this time, the superiority of the geocells on the manifestation of the undoubtedly.

6、Saline soil, expansive soil

Using saline soil, swelling soil construction of highways, highways, shoulders and slopes are used to reinforce the effect of geocell facade reinforcement is the most excellent of all reinforcing materials, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, can fully meet the saline soil, swelling soil construction of highway requirements.