Geomembrane landfill application

Location Application Materials
Xinhuang County Town Domestic garbage disposal site Geomembrane

Geomembrane Project

Geomembranes are mainly used in related application scenarios such as ponds, shrimp ponds, and reservoir anti-seepage scenarios.

Xinhuang County urban life garbage harmless treatment plant is located in Tongdong Village Tongmuchong, Shanzhou Town, 7.8km away from the central city, the total estimated investment of the project is 68,815,100 yuan, covers an area of 197 acres, landfill size of 120t/d, leachate treatment capacity of 100t/d, the total capacity of 1,510,000m3, the service life of 28 years. Among them, the recent storage capacity is 580,000m³ with a service life of 11 years, and the long-term storage capacity is 930,000m3 with a service life of 17 years. The construction was officially started on October 7, 2020, and put into operation at the end of December 2021.At the end of June 2022, it successfully passed the harmless rating by the provincial and municipal expert group. It was formally assessed as a national | grade landfill. The company supplied geomembrane, polyester filament geotextile, bentonite waterproof blanket, three-dimensional composite drainage network totaling 350,000 square meters, after the completion of the construction of the project passed the leakage detection, greatly improving the service life of the landfill.