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Three-way geogridEmbankmentOne-way, two-way, multi-way

Introduction to Multi-Directional Geogrid

Multi-directional geogrids are mainly used in many application fields such as railways, roads, embankments, and soil fixation.

Definition of Three-Way Geogrid:

It is a new product developed and improved on the basis of plastic one-way stretch geogrid and plastic two-way stretch geogrid, the material is made of polymer (polypropylene) through extrusion, stretching, plate forming, punching process, and then longitudinal, transverse stretching, and Z-direction stretching, which is made in three-dimensional direction by adding a direction of stretching.

Multidirectional geogrid Advantage:

the material in the whole not only in the longitudinal and transverse direction have great tensile strength, and roadbed completely contact, increase friction, prevent roadbed soil erosion. Three-way geogrid is more important is the structure in the soil and soil in the three-dimensional direction of the combination, so as to realize the role of different directions to prevent soil erosion, enhance the role of preventing the settlement of the roadbed.

Multidirectional geogrid Features:

in the use of one-way and two-way geogrid several times the role of settlement prevention, is to enhance the life of the roadbed is the ideal product! Really realize the three-dimensionalization of three-way geogrid! It is a new type of substitute product for two-way geogrid and one-way geogrid.

Multidirectional geogrid Technical Indicators:

the product rib section into a rectangle, the inner hole equilateral triangle, the outer edge of the hexagon, with a low 2% cut line tensile modulus strength indicators and high 5% cut line tensile modulus strength indicators, and the foundation of the principle of the combination of force, is the ideal product for soft ground treatment!