Unidirectional stretch plastic geogrid

Unidirectional stretch plastic geogrid:

Polyethylene one-way stretch geogrid is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, plasticized extrusion sheet, punching, heating, stretching and become. Through stretching makes the original distribution of scattered chain molecules reorientation and linear state, fully improve the tensile strength and rigidity of the grating. Will be laid in the soil, through the grille mesh and soil between the bite and interlocking effect, constitutes an efficient stress transfer mechanism, so that the local load can be quickly and effectively diffused to a large area of the soil, so as to achieve the reduction of local damage stress, improve the service life of the project purpose.

Polyethylene one-way tensile geogrid’s outstanding advantage is in the long-term continuous load under the action of deformation (creep) tendency is very small, creep strength is greatly superior to other materials of geogrid, for improving the service life of the project has an important role.

This product is suitable for the construction of highways, railroads, and river, lake and sea banks of reinforced earth walls, dams, bridge decks, steep slopes and other projects. Its role is to improve the bearing capacity of the wall or embankment, extend the service life, reduce the footprint, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost, reduce maintenance costs.

Its main uses are as follows:

  1. enhance the roadbed, can effectively distribute the diffusion load, improve the stability and bearing capacity of the roadbed, and extend the service life;
  2. withstand greater alternating loads;
  3. to prevent deformation and cracking of roadbed caused by loss of roadbed materials;
  4. Increase the self-supporting capacity of the fill behind the retaining wall, reducing the earth pressure on the retaining wall, resulting in cost savings, longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

Maintenance costs are reduced;

  1. Combined with spray-anchored concrete construction method for slope maintenance, not only can save 30%-50% of the investment, but also can shorten the construction period by more than double.
  2. adding geogrids into road base and surface layer of highway can reduce bending subsidence, reduce rutting, delay the appearance of cracks by 3-9 times, and reduce the thickness of structural layer by up to 36%.

The thickness of the structural layer can be reduced by up to 36%;

  1. suitable for all kinds of soil, no need to take materials from other places, saving labor and time;
  2. construction is simple and fast, can greatly reduce the construction cost.