Polyester Filament Geotextile

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Polyester Filament Geotextile Introduction

Polyester Filament Geotextile is mainly used in road construction, dams, buildings and other related applications.

Shenyang high-speed rail line from Shenyang, through Fushun, Tonghua, Baishan, Yanbian State to the foot of Changbaishan Mountain, the line length of 428 kilometers, with a total investment of 70.7 billion yuan, the design speed of 350 kilometers per hour, is Liaoning “to the north” of the important channel. According to previous reports, after the completion and commissioning of Shenbai high-speed rail, the travel time from Shenyang to Changbaishan will be compressed to less than 1.5 hours. Not only that, Liaoning Province will also be the first in the country to realize “city to city high speed rail”. Our company supplies 530,000 square meters of 600g polyester filament geotextile in this project, and the quality meets the design requirements. The application of polyester filament geotextile greatly improves the overall stability of the project and increases its strength, which is an excellent geotextile reinforcement material.