3D Geonet

Three-dimensional 3D Geonet, also known as three-dimensional vegetation solid earth net mat, is composed of multi-layer plastic notched convex net and two-way stretching flat mesh slope project can prevent the slope from sliding, the role of slope protection engineering materials. And in the intersection point by hot melt after bonding and form a stable three-dimensional net structure. This product can prevent the slope from sliding and protect the slope in the slope project.

3D Geonet Parameters

3D Geonet Performance

Mass per unit area/(g / ㎡㎡)≥220≥260≥350≥430
Width deviation /mm+0.10
Length deviation/mm+10
Longitudinal tensile strength/(kN/m)≥0.80≥1.4≥2.0≥3.2
Transverse tensile strength/(kN/m)≥0.80≥1.4≥2.0≥3.2