Polyester Geogrid

Warp-knitted polyester grid is a new type of high-quality roadbed reinforcement geotechnical base material, which uses high-strength polyester fiber or polypropylene fiber as raw material, through warp-knitted directional weaving, and treated with special process of diffusion rubber coating.

Warp-Knitted Polyester Geogrid

Warp-Knitted Polyester Geogrid Performance

External dimensionmass area ratiog/㎡≥120≥170≥270≥330≥670
Bore size (mm)15≤A≤30、15≤B≤30
Breadth (mm)3.0~6.0
Longitudinal and transverse tensile strength≥30≥50≥80≥100≥200
mechanical propertyLongitudinal elongation of 2%
Tensile strength (kN/m)
Longitudinal elongation of 5%
Tensile strength(kN/m)
Vertical and horizontal nominal elongation8.0%~13.0%
Endurance qualityUv resistance retention rate≥80%