The role of HDPE geomembrane

Geomembrane to plastic film as seepage control substrate, and non-woven composite geotechnical seepage control materials, new materials geomembrane its seepage control performance mainly depends on the seepage control performance of the plastic film.

Geomembrane is an important material used in civil engineering, it has excellent anti-seepage performance and durability, is widely used in various projects. The role of geomembrane and its application in engineering will be introduced below.

First, the role of geomembrane

  1. Leakage prevention: the main role of geomembrane is leakage prevention, it can effectively prevent the infiltration of groundwater, rainwater, river water and other liquids.
  2. Reinforcement of dams: geomembrane can be used to reinforce dams and enhance the stability and safety of dams.
  3. Isolating soil: geomembrane can isolate soil and prevent the interaction between different soil layers.
  4. Enhancement of road surface: Geomembrane can be used in road surface construction to enhance the stability and bearing capacity of road surface.
  5. Prevent settlement: geomembrane can prevent settlement of buildings and improve the stability of buildings.

Second, the application of geomembrane in the project

  1. Water conservancy project: geomembrane is widely used in water conservancy project, such as reservoirs, dams, locks and other projects.
  2. Road project: geomembrane can be used in road construction, such as highways, city roads and so on.
  3. Construction project: geomembrane can be used in foundation isolation, basement waterproofing, etc.
  4. Environmental protection project: geomembrane can be used in environmental protection project, such as landfill, sewage treatment plant.

Geomembrane has an important role in a variety of projects, its application can improve the durability and safety of the project, saving project costs. In the future, with the continuous development and progress in the field of civil engineering, the application prospect of geomembrane will be more broad.